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Alan Armstrong graduated from architecture school in 2001, moved to Portland, and promptly got a job parking cars in a lot downtown. 'Twas quite ironic to be surrounded by buildings but not working on them. Since then he has worked for a variety of firms on a wide range of products from custom shoe displays to fancy restaurants to multi-million dollar water filtration facilities, custom homes, and residential remodels and ADUs.

Alan is founder, owner, and architect of Strongwork Architecture. The firm was launched in 2009 and Alan has had his hands full with numerous residential and a couple small commercial projects. He's gunning for some government work to round out FY 2017.

Besides a constant mission to provide beautiful, coherent, and cost-effective solutions to any architectural challenge, Alan prides himself on being easy to work with, punctual, communicative, and generally a good guy. Clients become friends and projects build community....what a great way to make a living.

When not busy architecting, you can find Alan sweeping up crumbs from under the chairs of small children, accompanying his wife on the gee-tar, trying to decide whether or not to have another cup of coffee, and/or riding his bike while planning the next great micro-adventure.